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    Hi Harryronhermione17. Can u post pictures on this wiki? It would be very helpful and i made u an admin too so u can change the background and much more.


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    September 2, 2012 by Toadrocks0409

    Blueberry is fearless. In the Episede Isabell's Problem pt.1, she stood up for Isabel because the Evil Dog Gang was being mean to her.

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    September 1, 2012 by Toadrocks0409

    Recent Activities with Cupcake
    Cupcake is a pink, short, and clever cat.

    Super power is to sheild herself and others with the cupcake flavored bubblegum.

    Age unknown (probably will be like ..... uh..... 11 or 12 I should say)

    ???????? (secret) find out on first episode

    Youngest of all cats.

    Cupcake will be one of the main characters of this web series. HOWEVER, there might be some false infromation on this topic (what I'm saying is that some of this infromation might change in the future). THIS WHOLE ENTIRE WIKI IS A PROCESS SO MOST OF THE INFO MIGHT BE FALSE. (oh gosh please not all of it.)

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